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Monday, May 20, 2019

Follow these 10 ways to be rich - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

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Follow these 10 ways to be rich - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD
Follow these 10 ways to be rich
Follow these 10 ways to be rich

From general life we ​​all want to be rich. But if you want to do it, there is some way to do it. Know Ten Ways to Get Rich -

1) First decide what kind of a great person you want to be--  first decide what kind of a great person you want to be. This means that they are working through business or by doing business. The great man means a lot of money or people of big mind. Fix them all before. Try to step up to do something big for doing business. Invest in conformity with profit money. Try to invest a lot in a business rather than stuck in a business. Learn to lead the team before being employed to become rich. Come along with new ideas as well as work. Try to explain to Boss the good part of his job by having good .

2) Dream is not a crime, but make the right plans before all- It is good to have dreams that you will be rich. Yes, it is also good to have a dream worth millions of rupees from lying on a worn earrings. Because there is a dream to do anything before. But remember that you have to make the right plans before. Plan your time in the diary. Let's say you want to save one lakh rupees in a year. Then invest in the stock market. After ten months, the calculation plan is implemented in the right direction.

3) Apply time, think before investing - share in 24 hours a day. You have to work hard to earn money. But more time to do is plan time. Suppose you are employed. That means you are busy for 9-10 hours, then use it for the next time. Start with a small business. Tuition is not a bad option. Invest in the extra time that is working. Do not forget that point is in Sindh.

4) Keep your ears open, you can get money from anywhere - always keep your eyes open. Any discussion can lead to a large amount of earnings. Do not ever think that it is not my job. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that he could never open Facebook if his eyes were not open. The internet is very well filled. The whole world is hidden in the net world. Find out the ways to earn from there. Head down.

5) Enhance your qualification by studying, doing courses, promoting it in all areas - go to study. Always increase your eligibility. If BA passes please do MA. If you have a master's degree then please do Ph.C. Make a simultaneous course. In this case your CV will be heavy, your eligibility will increase. Even greater than that your confidence will increase. There will be many more ways of earning. Lots of job offers in different companies will come.

6) Not just a favorite job, also give importance to the place of employment - not being self-sufficient just because you got a desired job. Emphasize job place. Suppose you are involved in film industry. Then try to work best in this work. If it is worth it, then it can be bright from anywhere. But this is also the time when professionals take the best out of you. So doing the best place to work your best. So the best is achieved.

7) If you get a good chance not to stuck in the same job year after year, go to the new place - working the same company year after year. Just thinking about this 'let's go, I'm earning, I'm getting to eat'. Do not think that way, use the opportunity. Changes in companies on one hand, increase positions, confidence increases on the other side, mentality to do something new So get a good opportunity to go to the new place.

8) Take a look at the spending points a little better - you might be earning well. But at the end of the month, there is a bustling mother-in-law situation. Then do one thing, see where your costs are just right. Well, your lifestyle is not going to be a big deal. Maybe you spend a little less than this. You can understand all this if you write a few of the spending points. You will see that after seeing the eyes, you will need to check a few places.

9) Consideration of some business-investment considerations - Most of the world's rich people have taken over themselves by doing business, depending on exceptional ideas. Well, think about scotch brite Earlier we used to disguise the utensils by applying them. But someone thought that to bring something that would change the hawk and make a habit. Or suppose online shopping today. Amazon, Flipkart's owners also thought of an exercise. Think of you, read, see. The idea of ​​new business is hidden in front of our eyes, only we can not see it. This idea, and then depending on the reality of your bright future depends on you.

10) Do not run behind the money, churn the money behind your back - when you are rich, you can not afford to buy money. You can see that the plan will run behind you. Well let's say an incident. Bill Gates One day Bill Gates went to a university lecture. When Bill's speech was finished after sharing many things with the students, suddenly he got 10 dollars from his pocket. The bill does not pick up the money. Everyone was surprised. Bill said, because of the time spent on collecting the money, he can earn more money than that time. Create yourself in such a way. Just do not run behind the money. Work on time, enjoying the job.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

The 10 bad habits that you have repeatedly failed - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

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The 10 bad habits that you have repeatedly failed - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD
The 10 bad habits that you have repeatedly failed - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

If you go to calculate your life's failure, you will get some bad habits as a sum of failure. If you take a bad habit, then they will stand in the way of your success. So said Abul Kalam said,You can not change your future; But you can change your habits and this practice will change your future.

If you want to succeed in life like others, it is important to change bad habits. Studies have shown that the most needed to overcome bad habits is self-confidence.

Two psychologists of the University of Pennsylvania, Angela Duckworth and Martyn Siligman conducted a survey on their students. At first they used to measure the IQ and confidence of the students during university admission. Four years later, the number of GPAs of self-confidence from the students ahead in IQ was double.Therefore, it is unwise to say that self-confidence is needed to create good habits in itself. In today's writing, I have listed some of the worst practices that everyone should avoid.

1. Use Phone, Tab or Computer Before Sleeping:
If you do not sleep well after the daytime fatigue, the next day will never be pleasant for you. Do not pay attention to your work. And nowadays most people complain that they do not sleep at night. But the main reason for not having to sleep is to use the phone or computer before sleeping.The computer or the phone's blue light works as the main tool for your sleeping disorder, which you can not understand.

2. Unnecessary Internet Browsing:
The use of internet is certainly good. But that use is not unnecessary. Many are browsing the Internet unnecessarily, there are no specific goals for what they are doing or why. Such bad habits should be avoided. Waste of time can never be a good habit. Those who waste time, they actually waste their chances of surrender. Such people can not succeed in life, can not be rich and come to ha ha ha in the last life.

3. Use the phone to communicate with others:
You are talking to someone but sometimes the phone is out of pocket or bag to check the notification or phone. Believe it is a deadly bad habit. It destroys the talk of the speaker, and also creates a negative connotation about you. And the biggest thing is that you can not enjoy the real joy of conversation and in professional life it will be a serious harm to you.

4. Keep multiple notifications on the phone:
Excessive smartphone addiction is a big bad habit in itself.As a result, many people are affected by excess addiction. However, the best practice is to stop the notification of various unnecessary apps. This will help you do other things. Also, if certain notifications are enabled in certain apps, then your success will also come in handy.

5. Say yes where there is no need to say:
 Many intelligent people use words like "I do not think I can" or "I'm not sure" instead of "no". If you do not think before making a promise you can not, there is no need to say 'yes' there. Whatever work you can not do, you will be ashamed of him once you commit to doing that work. And in this, he will also get into trouble and you will get annoyed, tension will be created.

6. Attention to other work during the meeting:
You do not have to pay half of your attention, especially in the meetings. If a meeting is not worthy of your full attention, it does not need to be present in it. Whatever is important is done before. If meetings are important, then give a meeting time. During the meeting, multitasking is just as boring for you as well as other people present in the meeting.

7. Libel and ghibat:
In every religion, libel and guilt are forbidden. Gibata is a deadly bad habit. Every time a person's fault lies in your precious time as described by someone else, then at a time you will lose interest in your own good work. You yourself also think someone else is criticizing your work.

Discuss the issues that are of good quality to every human being. This will also create positive thoughts in you. Alanu Roosevelt said,"The big mind always discusses ideas, the middle mind discusses the facts and the people of small minds discuss the fault of the fault."

8. Waiting for success:
If some people think before doing any work, they will succeed. Many people think again because this work can not be successful, so can not waste time unnecessarily. But this kind of idea should be avoided, as Jodie Picotte said, "You can edit if you make a mistake after writing, but it is never possible in the empty case."So do not wait for success to continue your work. Apply appropriate efforts, labor and merit. Never again will failure fail before it come

9. Comparing yourself with others:
There is a poem in Bengali,Breathing from the side of the river, I believe in happiness all over.The reality also makes everyone feel unhappy and happy to think of others. Actually happiness is not a thing in the market or in stores, it is in every person. If you try to blend yourself with others, then frustration and sorrow will increase in life. So imagine this bad habit, rather than your own position.
10. Trying to keep everything under your control:
Control is a fascination If you try to control everything, it will get frustrated and annoyed. It is not very important to bring people under your control. If you can control yourself rather than controlling everything around you, then you can be happier in life.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Why is self-development in the career structure needed? Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

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Why is self-development in the career structure needed?  Healthy and Beauty Tips DD
Why is self-development in the career structure needed?  Healthy and Beauty Tips DD
Why is self-development in the career structure needed?  Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

Have you started the career but are trying to get success in this way? Where do you not understand the problem? The problem is inside you. Keep yourself bound in a range. The boundaries of knowledge are also limited. Getting success in a career can not be achieved in a particular subject.

If you want to build a successful career, the first thing you need to do is improve your inner self, which can be called self-development in one word. The dream of a successful career without self-development is similar to imagining the sky. The explanation given below is how much self-development is and its requirements in carrier formation -

Self-development is a process by which a person achieves an idea about his supreme power and tries to improve himself. Self-development plays an important role in the development, maturity and success of a person. The basis of happiness, success and prosperity is self-development.
Self development is like a plantation plant. If it is treated with quantity of water, sunlight and soil, it will grow healthy and beautifully. If we neglect and not pay attention to any type of nutrient, then the plant will dry up and eventually die.
Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of the importance of personal development. There is not much attention to this at home or at school. Instead of personal development, academic and professional qualifications are given more importance. Only due to lack of skill, many have passed a difficult time; suffer from emotional pain; Could not reach the success. Restricted life expectancy of a particular policy-centered life.

Self-development is inevitable to be successful in career. Self-development is possible in combination with changes in internal and external aspects. Your teachings, conversations, talk, dress, behavior, thinking are all changing, self-development. It is not possible to form a career in limited knowledge. According to the needs of the carrier, change itself.

Do you think yourself a valuable employee of the organization? Before you answer yes or no, mix it with the text below.

A person becomes a burden on his organization when he fails to perform additional tasks beyond his regular main responsibility area. Each company has a borders of employees. They work within this borders. Important things are hidden here.
Those who restrict themselves to these specific boundaries and fail to contribute to other departments and areas, they are once ineligible for the company. Any organization evaluates those who express their active interest in participating in various training programs, seminars, or relevant workshops to gain extra expertise. Now you can answer your question.

There was a time when employees worked for a certain age. Today's scenario is quite different. The senior authority hopes that the people working in the organization will actively complete their work and will contribute to other departments and increase overall productivity of the company.

It is not okay to expect that a front office executive will restrict itself to the participation of all phone calls only. He must constantly increase his skills and be interested in participating in other departments such as administration, supply and office transport.
As a marketing worker, you call ten customers daily and inform them about the proposals of your organization. By doing this work you think that your work is over. It is very sad to say that you are wrong. It is not a major task to sell the organization's products and services only.

How to make it easier to market more effectively, to innovate and to implement it by making it more attractive to consumers is the biggest challenge in marketing. Believe me, you'll always have to work with your eyes open to find a unique marketing solution. New hour knowledge will be gained in the hour.

You should get ideas about the products of your competitor's organization, to get ideas about their marketing methods. In one word, the whole market must be researched. It is possible only through self development, otherwise you have to sit with those ten buyers.

Self-development plays an important role in the growth of career. The institute tried to honor or reward organizations in a variety of ways, to encourage a person who only has the skills to contribute to other departments outside his region. I believe self development is not only for the growth of the career but it also helps the organization survive. In an unexpected situation, the company tries to retain employees who can carry out all the activities of the company.
As a result of self development, mutual relations increase. Some relations will drag you up and some relations will drag you down. Need to make self-development in order to understand which relationships will be important, and to understand which ones will stand out. Try to create good relationships.

Helping your partner working in another department can help you with your own initiative, not only senior employees, your partner will also be happy. When your workload is high, your partner will help you. You can increase your understanding of his work while cooperating. New things will be learned. I do not know if it is applicable to the career but do not want to know or do not want to know that does not apply to the career structure.

Self-development helps determine the goals and expectations for yourself. When you know what you want to achieve, you can take action accordingly. If you start walking on the path without any goal, then success will never come in life. Thousands of people will be lost once. So it is important to set expectations for yourself.

Self development makes the path of your development out of the gap between you. Always have the opportunity to improve yourself. Never think that you are the best and you know everything. Remember one thing, there are many things under the sky that we still do not know and find out. In the same way there are so many things in life that we can not even reveal ourselves.

You have joined the company as a marketing company in the marketing department. Within two years a promotion was made and asked to lead a team of five sales representatives. Now after five years you want to be the head of a complete marketing department of the organization. Chief management manager of a special division in just seven years! Is it possible ? What do you have to do? Be determined to be firm. Analyze your own knowledge.

Find out where the parts need development. New skills must be acquired. Which will eventually reach you at the peak of success at a short time. It is not possible to improve career only if you try to gain knowledge on the pages of the management book.
The world is changing over time. Changes are coming, living in education. The type of work is going to change, the nature of the job. Improvement in life is impossible if you stop in one place. Well, you're a Microsoft Office program trainer. Every time Microsoft software is changing. You are still working with the version that you learned to work on.

You're trying to change your current workplace. For this reason, you will be offered a more advanced interview. Do you think that you will be your job because of your experience? You're mistaken. More likely to not get jobs. Over time, you have to increase your knowledge. If you work for eight hours a day, at least two hours will give you time for your own development. These two hours will be your future capital Your way to prosperity

Self-development teaches us time-management. Helps to be responsible. We have stayed for a specific time in the office. In this period, it is easy to try to accomplish your work. Sometimes the work can not be done. It will also be helpful for the career of the organization as it ends up with a little extra time. Those who are aware of their career are aware of their time and work. The more interested in the job, the more likely it is to succeed in the career.

Self-development builds you as a confident and capable professional, which is very important for career growth two qualities. It helps to laugh at you in the worst case scenario. Improving yourself over time is not only important for the future but also important for the future.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The way to get relief from sorrow - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

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The way to get relief from sorrow   - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD
The way to get relief from sorrow   - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

Do not know what is luxury ,? Luxury is the ability but there is no need, weaknesses to things. Then you can understand what is sadness? Those who did not understand that for them, sorry, sadly, regreting the sadness that the existence of grief is not in your life.

How sad lazy people are !!
Interestingly, 99 percent of the people are sad. is not it? There are very few people around which there is no sorrow! Hey brother, what's so sad? Whenever this question will be seen by somebody, very few people can show reasonable reasons.

And many people are sad because they have enough opportunities to get rid of their own work, their own hard work and merit, without trying, that they will fail, nothing will happen to them, so they are frustrated and that is why their sorrow.
Now almost all young people can hear to say, "do not like it". Some people feel too comfortable to say that he is not a patient. And notice that those who say these words will look primarily dependent on others to meet the needs of living.

They enjoy almost all the facilities, including accommodation, food, medical, education, hands-on expenses and family benefits. Their sadness is why I am not so beautiful, why did she do this with me? Why do not I sit in my study, she can be anything, I can not do anything etc.

At the end of the month, those who perform family responsibilities, who bear the expenses of their own reading, will rarely hear their face that they do not like it, but are so busy in self-development that they will say, "why do not you like it, it should look good".

Now it can be said that there is no such thing that there will be only deficiency or frustration. Some may be the cause of sorrow because of individuality. It may happen and that's why you have to make yourself so that you do not get sorrow because of others.
Sadness is a problem of luxury thinking. So it is more important to change your thinking world in order to eliminate the sorrow luxury.
Now know how to get rid of sadness
Read the book:

The stairs to awaken our humanity are the books. So read the book. There is no alternative to reading. A famous person said, "After five years, your future will depend on what kind of books you are reading now." The book will play a very important role in creating your thinking world.

And sadly the creation of sadness is the negative thinking. So there is no alternative to reading books to stay away from negative thoughts. And that book must be a good thought or idea from where you can get the inspiration to move forward.
Listen to music

It is possible to change mentality by listening to music. Whatever you give to your brain, he will make himself the same way. If you listen to Birah's music all day without even having a love of your life, then you can also find tasteless things like a failed lover. Again, you can inspire yourself by listening to such songs that make up the spirits.

Mind control:

 Since we think of something all day, most of the time do not remember when we think. Often, we started thinking of negative thinking, unintentionally. So if you are aware of what you are thinking, you can get rid of misery. Ask yourself for an hour, "Is my thoughts positive?"

If you are aware of your thoughts for a few days in this way, you will see many happy people.

Awareness to make friends:

There is a proverbial saying, "Blessings with honesty, loss with dishonesty". What kind of people do you move around affect your thinking world?

Suppose you were interested in learning a job and told about your work to your friend, he said, 'hey, you have not got to learn this, you will not do this, I did not even try.' Since your friend told you the word, you did not do the job. You failed the work without trying. Maybe you could do the job if you tried a little bit.

But if your friend says that the work is a lot of fun, then we have two people together. But then your interest would have increased and at least you tried it. The awareness of creating friends will also help you to overcome your grief.
Ask yourself !!
It is possible to get rid of sadness by resorting to these ways. There are so many things to be sad in the world. There are many people who are not completely physically fit, but they are also trying to live well. And we are human being sick even though we are most healthy people.

And in most cases of this illness, there is no cost. It is only harming our own and the people around us. Even if for ourselves, we must develop ourselves as a healthy man. There is a chance to change life through change, we have to change life.

Now we have to decide what we will do !!

Will live the life of the sadness that does not exist or will use my own talent or your thinking to create a beautiful world ????

Time is very important ,so don't waste time - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

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Time is very important ,so don't waste time - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD
Time is very important ,so don't waste time
Time is very important ,so don't waste time - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

If you are good enough to waste time, the writing is for you. Achieving a skill is a very positive aspect. But if the skill is negative, then it is due to destruction. The time you are wasting or how long you have been using, you are not aware of the time you wereted, the symptoms of the time that you could find useful.

A few days ago, one of my acquaintances said that he had only one quality and that wasted time. And due to this multiplication, no other word has been published. Now, when he became aware of the time when he became frustrated by so many years of life, he realized that he had lost many opportunities of life.Time does not sit for anyone - there is no doubt about this sentence. is not it?? Every minute of life, every second is important, we all know. Because the precious memory, the moment, the man or things that once goes back and do not come back to the precious people.

So the question is why do we waste time? Actually, very few people waste time. We waste time unconsciously. We can not realistically realize that we have lost that time before the time comes.
Check yourself: Knowing the symptoms of time or not
What are the things you need to do?

At first you need to know your own dream, your goal. Accordingly, look at your daily time stats, doing something that is not related to your goals! What time of the day are you spending on social media or watching television or playing games or chatting with friends?

Did you learn something new?

For the energy of the body, such as food is needed, it is also necessary for the energy of the mind. Take a peculiar time to learn what you have learned or acquired knowledge !! If you do not get something to say then you are wasting time. Moreover, the skills you have in practice are doing regular! Ask yourself.

Are you spending time with positive people?

We most people waste time behind wrong people. With experience or age we start to recognize people. But it is too late. Because the time or the opportunity that goes away does not return. So you are aware of the kind of people around you ??

Have you fixed the goal?

Have you set a specific time for your goal? More important questions, did you set specific goals? Not only the people of the target but there is no awareness of time.

If the answer to the above questions is negative, then this time you will be able to lose your time, if you are negative. But it is pushing your future into darkness. Frustration, in failure, maybe one day find this time!

Since no one wants to fail, so everyone wants a successful life. And successful life exists only by using the present time successfully. Let us know how time can be used correctly.

How to use the time?
Pick the most useful work

We do different types of work every day but we are not aware of what work is necessary and what will be done later. So we can not handle time properly. So manage your valuable time by emphasizing the work you need or the things you love.

Proper use of technology:

Since we now live in an age based technology, our weakness or interest towards technology is normal. So, most of the time, computers, mobile handsets will prevent them from achieving other skills. Therefore, through proper use of technology, you have to use the right time.

Always be aware of time:
It is a very effective process to cut the work from the note after writing it in a note form and finishing the job every day. Through this process, time can be used correctly.

There are now a lot of apps where you can note your work, according to time and time apps will tell you what you need to do now. To do list is an app you can download from the Play Store.

Creating consciousness in yourself:

Whatever the way you say, you will only be able to use your time when you will feel the time has to be used because there is no longer time. We have a deadly problem, we think there are times.

The person who knows that he will die after a month, understand how much time he has. The person who is in danger, how much time is worth considering. Understanding the student who is in the examination, how important every second is. So ask yourself why you need to work or why it is important to use the time. Hopefully you will get the answers.

If there is a mistake in writing or if there is a problem to understand the sentence, please comment. If you have a more effective process that allows time to be used properly, please leave a comment. Let's go ahead with each and every one of the right time, and build a beautiful world.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

One day I will die - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

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One day I will die - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD
One day I will die
One day I will die - Healthy and Beauty Tips DD 

If we think of going to die one day, we could not have people like Einstein, Steven Hawking or Steve Jobs. They too have died. We have survived even after death. Stay alive We'll die for a day, thinking we'll die. Wobble They are still alive.

If we do not want to be immortal in the world, we have to do many things of our dislike in order to survive in a beautiful way. Who wants to class early in the morning? No one's Still have to do. These small sacriks help us to survive in the future.

Every day, after hearing about the alarm, it is very difficult to go to the office after being frozen and frozen in jam. Every day, I do not feel like doing the office? But the money that is needed at the end of the month is very much needed. How much depends on that money. If you are thinking of going to die, you will not be able to do the office. The month-end balance will not be available. Do not even consolidate the money a little. There is no need to fulfill your wishes.
How big is it to take every rick to trade. Every decision has to be taken in every decision. So many thoughts on the head, what would happen if I thought I would die one day, maybe the multinational company like today's life company would not have been from Bangladesh. Such a huge Akij group could not be made from Bidhi Puri.

If you are crazy, then people will give their lives for a new thing. Giving time to discover some new discoveries, leaving the illusion of everything else in the world. They could look down on the sky and look at the sky, they could think, what would happen to something like this, one day I will die. Madame Curie did research on radioactive materials, where other girls used to wear a soft powder. He could even think of what to do, to die for one day. Did not worry And the reason for not thinking about that kind of thing has survived. There are survivors of this world on the left. Stay alive

One day you will die. Do not want to leave your footprints on the earth before going? Nothing? One day I will die. Do not die before it dies. Stay alive before I die.

Are you Creative or intelligent? -Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

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Are you Creative or intelligent? -Healthy and Beauty Tips DD
Are you Creative or intelligent? -Healthy and Beauty Tips DD
Are you Creative or intelligent? -Healthy and Beauty Tips DD

Do Programmers Be So Creative?"

"It takes too much intelligence to learn that?"

"Is that brother so intelligent?"

These are some of the common questions that are answered. There are many more questions in this category. The answer to all is one.

There is actually nothing to say about Creative There is a word of interest. It is said that the greater the interest to one subject, the greater its creativity on that matter. There is another word after the interest in the lag. Interesting, interest is the creativity.
Intellect is equal to everyone. Does the brain have fewer neurons? Not less But the effort is different. Successful, less successful, and there is no difference between fiddlers. The difference is by trying. The successful, he tried the most. The less successful they tried a little less. The one who has failed, he has tried less or did not try. Or his effort did not cross the threshold value. Threshold value is the value, where success and failure are combined. If you want to achieve success, you will have to cross that threshold value. You have to try a mini-min.
That brother is intelligent because he has applied all his intelligence in one place. Not at all with one's heart, So he seems intelligent to us. Many people have the habit of playing with high glass or lens in their childhood. We used to do with the lens, put it on a point in the light of the sun. Then, on a leaf or on the paper, the fire caught it. Have fun There is a great education there. All efforts will be made to one place. If you have to use your intelligence to wake up all the time, you have to go from a fool. And to see the successful, I have to say, how smart he is! But everyone's brain is equal.

If successful people fail in anything, then do not say that my intelligence is less. Tell me I've tried less.

For the sake of Facebook we all know the story of the failure of Thomas Edison, JK Rowling, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and other successful people. They failed, I too failed. How many matches between us I will be successful one day. We will be like somebody. If you think that dreams will not be a dream. Not even near the reality. They failed, but failed to fail. Have tried. Not once, repeatedly. And tried his best. After failing, they could say, I do not have the creative, my intellect is less than that. A lot of handful hand They have tried all this because they have succeeded us today. Today you or I fail, if we try today, for good things. We will be successful in our future generations.
The most interesting thing is to go away from the present. Only after their success have we learned their failures. But the future is not going to be in the future. Future is not yet created. She has to be prepared. Without fail, it will not be possible if the effort is not to show the artificial little arm. Need an interest in one thing, needs all the effort to apply it on one subject. Without seeing the end If after failing all the efforts of your dream, it is not a failure, it is also a kind of happiness, tranquility. It's a kind of story. Do not sit in need of effort. Because creativity, intelligence is more important than the interest, effort, the lag.